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Flood Control

Flood Control for Vulnerable Properties

Structural waterproofing solutions to reduce the impact of flooding

There is now convincing science that we are in an era of global warming. Britain has recently suffered more than its usual share of prolonged, heavy rainfall. In recent years this has led to millions of pounds of damage to properties and misery for the businesses and homeowners affected by flooding. As our weather patterns shift, property owners in flood affected areas are taking measures to cope with increased water tables and sudden deluges.

Stonehouse uses its expertise in basement waterproofing to apply the same technology to properties prone to flooding. We install flood mitigation systems to slow down water penetration with secondary pumping systems to remove the water that enters. These pumping systems have battery back-ups, in case of power cuts and are also available with self-start generators. They work on the same principle as a ship’s bilge pump which removes water faster than it enters the building. These systems, together with the use of flood guards at door openings can offer immediate response and protection to the fabric and interior of any property whether modern or listed.

Some of our most challenging projects are to design systems to flood-proof properties in areas of historic flooding and high risk. We invite you to watch this video and hear the experiences of two of our clients.

The following case studies include examples of projects where we have installed flood control systems. Please contact us to discover how we can help you.

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