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Sump & Pump Servicing

Annual Sump & Pump Servicing

Keeping your sump system in top working condition

While most people will pay to regularly service their boilers, the need to similarly maintain a property’s pump system can be forgotten, mostly because they are hidden out of sight. So long as it’s still doing its job the need for regular servicing is sometimes overlooked.

If you’ve used Stonehouse to install a ‘Type C’ cavity drain membrane the pumps will need regular maintenance to keep them working efficiently. So it’s essential that the system is regularly serviced to ensure efficient, reliable performance. That’s why we always recommend our Annual Service Plan to keep your sump and pump system in top working condition and ready for action when you need it most.

Regular pump servicing also gives our highly experienced Stonehouse engineers the opportunity to monitor your installation and discuss with you any recent upgrades that would benefit your system. Regular maintenance of your pump system can save you money over the long term by negating the need for costly repairs or replacement.

Stonehouse will only offer an annual service to systems that we have designed and installed. As standard there are two pumps to every chamber with a battery back-up. Regular annual servicing allows us to:

  • Clean the pumps and ensure they are in excellent working order
  • Remove limescale build up from the chambers
  • Reverse the primary and secondary pumps
  • Check the battery back-up system

Our installations are fitted with alarms as standard, and if your alarm should trip we provide prompt assistance. Uniquely in our industry, we operate a 24-hour call out facility for your peace of mind and our servicing charge includes the cost of all labour and parts within the contract.

Please note that regular maintenance of your system is an essential component of the 10 Year insurance-backed guarantee the we issue on completion of works. At the end of the 10 Year warranty period Stonehouse provides the opportunity to extend (with an additional cost) the guarantee period for a further 10 years and so on.

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