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Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid Waterproofing for Basement Conversions

Providing a guaranteed solution for water ingress

The installation of a waterproof membrane to the roof deck of the basement in accordance with BS8102: 2009 is known as a ‘Type A’ form of barrier protection. This type of basement waterproofing is required where a basement extends beyond the footprint of a property.

The resulting external concrete roof, podium or deck will need special attention, and external waterproofing will be required. In these cases we’ll use a ‘Type A’ liquid waterproofing system. Applied directly to the surface, ‘Type A’ is fully bonded, flexible and reinforced. The waterproof coating prevents the passage of water and water vapour into the basement structure. We will only bond directly to the sound, prepared concrete substrate and have experience of a range of situations.

In all circumstances Stonehouse will only ever design and install liquid waterproofing that is appropriate for the conditions and fit for purpose. Our liquid waterproofing solutions are usually integrated with our internal basement waterproofing systems. This means you can have complete confidence that our long-term guarantee will cover and protect the whole envelope of the basement from water ingress. It means one point of reference should you have a problem in the future.

The following case studies include examples of projects where a liquid waterproofing system was the optimum solution. Please contact us to discover how we can help you

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