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Water Management

Water Management Systems

Managing floods or leaks without the need for full structural waterproofing

If your property has suffered from a leak, flood or other water ingress, then a full-scale structural waterproofing installation may not be necessary or even feasible. In these cases it may be that you only need our expertise to help identify where the weak point in the property is and install a system for managing the water.

We will survey the property, and where we can isolate the risk of water ingress to one identifiable point, we can install a less intrusive system whereby any unwanted water is simply guided to a sump chamber and steered away from the property to minimise the potential harm or the point of ingress is sealed.

In situations where structural waterproofing is not possible sometimes it’s better to allow water to enter at a point of least disruption and in a controlled manner, so its disposal can be managed without affecting the remainder of the property. Our system is designed to react immediately and effectively and to have ample capacity to remove the water rapidly without strain when the water pressure rises.

Our trained and qualified surveyors will give you a full and frank assessment of the risks and will propose solutions and services backed by our fully insured 10-year guarantees.

The following case studies include examples of systems which offer a targeted, less intrusive solution while still complying with BS8102:2009. Please contact us to discover how we can help you.

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