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Vaults & Tunnels

Structural Waterproofing for Vaults & Tunnels

Making challenging underground spaces dry and viable

When suitable building land is an ever-decreasing resource, a vault has special appeal. Many property owners are tempted by the potential to convert previously unloved or utilitarian areas into unusual and quirky shops, eateries and offices. There’s also something to be said for being hidden away!

Creating functional, dry, living and working spaces from curved or vaulted underground structures, tunnels and vaults takes a particular expertise. Whatever waterproofing work is carried out needs to retain the original symmetry and aesthetics of the space. Curved surfaces offer more challenges to waterproof successfully – fixings have to be perfect and the detailing of curved joints is challenging.

We have extensive experience of waterproofing complex curved spaces such as archways and vaults. We usually use a cavity drain membrane system which allows for flexing and movement.

By far the best way of demonstrating our experience is by viewing our case studies which includes projects which range in size from the tunnels of Gibraltar to the dining vaults of Covent Garden and kitchen wine cellars. Please contact us to explore how we can contribute to your next project.

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