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Listed Buildings

Protecting Listed Buildings

Taking care of our national heritage

Stonehouse has many years’ experience working with Grade 1, Grade 2*, and Grade 2 Listed properties. Our sympathetic approach is based on an individual assessment of each property under our care, with specialist advice and an understanding of traditional building techniques and materials which few companies can offer.

The surveyors and operatives at Stonehouse Property Care are respected specialists in the field of protecting and preserving historic properties and actively promote a sustainable approach to conservation. At the forefront of environmental techniques, we keep intervention to a minimum and advise on maintenance programmes rather than intrusive repairs.

For instance, we would only advise a cavity drain membrane system for the control of dampness: this is fully reversible and does not exert any extra pressure on the structure. Timber treatments are also targeted and only recommended when fully justified. This is how we maintain the structural and aesthetic integrity of the property, whilst achieving the desired results.

We would be delighted to help protect your property and ensure its survival for future generations. The following case studies include examples of projects where we have had the privilege of working with listed buildings. Please contact us to discover how we can help you.

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