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Green Roofs & Walls

Designing and Installing Green Roofs & Walls

Living structures that support the environment

Green or ‘living’ roof and wall technology has developed rapidly in the last few years. This has considerable benefits for property owners, the community and environment, and we expect them to become increasingly popular as climate change continues.

On an aesthetic level, a green roof or wall has the appeal of softening a building and blending into the surrounding environment. Green roofs and walls create alternative green spaces and natural habitats in urban settings, improving air quality and neutralising pollutants. They require little maintenance and are uplifting, living, natural works of art, sometimes in the most uninspiring of locations.

Green roofs also present a unique challenge when it comes to effective structural waterproofing. A watertight but flexible roof is critical to the success of a green roof. It is vital that any waterproofing installation prevents water ingress into a building and repels damage from root penetration while at the same time allowing for expansion and contractions of the roof from the physical or thermal movements of the building.

Practically, the ‘build-up’ of a green roof will protect the structure below. Vegetation on a roof deck protects the roof surface from the extremes of weather, temperature and ultra-violet radiation, prolonging its life, while reducing air-conditioning and heating costs. In the event of torrential down-pours, water ‘run-off’ is controlled by the percolating effect of the green roof. Water is ‘taken up’ by the plants and eventually returned to the atmosphere. This in turn means reduced strain on drains and sewers at peak periods.

The following case studies are examples of projects where we have installed green roofs and walls. Please contact us to discover how we can help you.

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