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If your property is affected by flooding, rising damp, penetrating dampness or high levels of condensation then you should call Stonehouse. It’s important that you speak to a specialist company like ours rather than a general builder to fully assess the building, its defects and effective specialist solutions.

Flood water can cause catastrophic damage to a property and emotional turmoil to any homeowner. As the UK climate changes, rivers, water courses and drainage are unable to cope with extreme and sudden deluges of rainwater. If you own a property in a vulnerable area which is prone to flooding, you can give yourself control over the risk of water ingress by installing flood protection for your home. See our case study on South Hinksey.

The causes of damp vary, from rising dampness vertically via capillary action through masonry pores, penetrating dampness from high external ground levels to condensation created by poor ventilation. A thorough survey is always crucial to establish the source of dampness. Left untreated, damp of any kind can cause damage to your property as well as encouraging the growth of mould or mildew which can have a negative impact on health over time.

There are visible signs of dampness which are recognisable. Stains or tide marks on wallpaper, loose wallpaper, salts crystallising on internal surfaces, flaking plaster and paint deterioration are all signs of rising damp. Penetrating dampness and water ingress can also damage timber which – left untreated – can create major structural defects in your property. Prolonged contact with moisture or poor ventilation can cause wet rot in timber and can also sustain dry rot and infestations from woodworm and death watch beetle.

Our years of experience in property care means that we will work with you to ensure your home or premises are protected from the effects of flooding, water ingress and dampness. If you know or suspect that you have a problem with damp, timber decay or that your premises may be at risk of flooding, or if you just want to ensure your home is dry, then please get in touch.

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