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Nothing can prepare for the devastation of a severe flood. This historic water mill, now a home, was overwhelmed by the late storms of 2019. The property is built into a bank with the parallel access road standing 4 metres above ground floor level. The stream that powered the mill is directed through the bank and under the road via concrete pipes. During periods of extreme rainfall, the mill is vulnerable to flooding from the restricted, swollen stream.

In the aftermath of their Christmas flood and in tandem with a necessary full strip-out and insurance restoration works, the owners, a young family approached Stonehouse to design, install and guarantee flood resilience into their mill home. We were delighted to help.

By December 2020, Stonehouse had completed work to reduce the building’s permeability. We applied a Stonehouse Premix No. 5 water resistant plaster to all brick walls to reduce water penetration, linking to the concrete floor with Newton 103-S. A robust Type C cavity drain membrane system – Newton 508R – was installed to all walls and floors

Channels were cut out of casting slab to guide water quickly into three Titan Pro sump chambers cast into the floor. Each chamber has two sump pumps with individual outlet pipes. The resulting potential pumping capacity is over 1,500 litres/minute with battery back-ups for complete reassurance in the event of power cuts.

Together, with new flood resistant doors, this will provide reassurance for our clients. In their own words, ‘From a position of hopelessness after our flood, your innovation, professionalism and good cheer has really helped us have faith in our house again’.


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