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Most properties in the UK are affected by a type of wet rot. Unlike dry rot, there are many varieties of wet rot causing varying degrees of damage. Decay is nearly always due to poor maintenance, for instance, deteriorating and poorly designed windows which allow water ingress (wet rot is probably the single greatest reason for the growth of the UPVC window industry). The majority of our work however involves floor and joinery repairs. Where a floor cannot possibly be adequately ventilated we may advise renewal of the floor in concrete, however, we always consider repair works to be the primary solution.

Thankfully, the wet rot fungus cannot pass through walls and so its growth is restricted. 
It requires a high moisture content to be active but ceases to grow when the water source is removed. 


The primary aim of our surveyors and operatives is to identify and stop the moisture source. We would then remove any decayed timber and assess damage. Occasionally we would treat areas with a boron-based fungicide but in the majority of cases we would repair or reinstate pre-treated and isolated timbers. 


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