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You will often notice the tell-tale signs of free lime in multi-storey car parks where bloom appears as white patches on vertical walls and stalactites hang from cracks in the decks. 

If the joints of nearly-formed concrete are not perfectly formed and continually subjected to wet conditions, leaking water will dissolve calcium hydroxide from the concrete matrix. On contact with air, calcium hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide to form calcium carbonate which is precipitated through the joints through evaporation. Contaminated water may also drip from ceilings causing damage below. In the case of carparking this can mean on going annoyance and costly damage to paintwork.

A Stonehouse surveyor would first want to assess the points of weakness in the structure before recommending a targeted strategy including the corrective and repair work necessary to prevent future water ingress. Each project is highly individual in scale and complexity and is best explained in the following photographs which give an indication of the works we have carried out.

The build-up of free lime also has to be monitored and controlled within all our cavity drain membrane systems. Free lime can build up within the base drain and sump chamber and our annual services ensures any free lime is removed.


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