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As Sika Approved contractors, Stonehouse was awarded the contract for the below-ground structural waterproofing of a prominent central residential property built into the Hampstead hillside overlooking London.

The basement walls had been constructed as a Type B concrete structure, utilising Sika concrete additives.

After consideration, the Stonehouse waterproofing design was a combined Type A and Type C system.

Our installation included the lower two levels of the building, both levels being at least partially earth retaining and predominantly fully earth retaining throughout the lower level. The retaining elevation walls at both lower and upper basement level were initially waterproofed with a
cementitious Type A Sikalastic 1K coating, the structure was then further protected by the application of a secondary Type C drained Cavity Membrane waterproofing system.

Sika CD was applied to all earth retaining walls and Sika HD20 membrane was applied to the floors. The entire system was drained utilising Sika CD perimeter channel, the upper level linked and diverted to the lower floor level where it was discharged into both existing drainage outlets and the
client’s own pumping system for safe removal.

The resultant waterproofing system comprised of all three forms of waterproofing to ensure the risk of ground water ingress is minimised and the new residents are assured of a dry future!


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