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This Grade II Listed building has a vaulted basement below the high-tide mark of the adjacent River Thames. Water percolates through the 2 metre-thick retaining walls.


Glaziers Hall is situated in a prime location next to Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral.

The project was to convert the large basement, used for storing stained glass windows into a venue for receptions, product launches and parties. The characterful brick finish was to be retained but water-ingress had to be prevented particularly to the new wine cellars. As the property is listed, any cementitious system had to be targeted.

Stonehouse proposed and installed a tight-render coat of Stonehouse Premix No. 5 to slow water ingress, followed by a cavity drain membrane system draining into a Titan Pro chamber. With one wall fronting the River Thames and the return wall being part of the arch of London Bridge our installation had to be perfectly executed with the minimum of fixings! 


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