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Resin repairs to timbers is a low invasive procedure which is both cost-saving and sympathetic to the original features of the building. Epoxy resins enable existing decayed timbers to be upgraded for continued structural use without the need for complete replacement or ugly steel braces. Sensitive and careful application of modern technology allows for maximum conservation and minimum loss of characterful historic timbers.

Where timber decay in beams, joists or external timber frames is advanced, conventional repairs can be both disruptive and costly. 
After a thorough inspection and assessment of the decay, there may be the option of avoiding extensive replacement works by using resin bonding techniques. These allow timber to be repaired and structurally upgraded in-situ. 

Resin repairs are also a perfect solution for basement beams where the bearing ends are below the external ground level, constantly damp and cannot otherwise be protected from decay. The end can be cut back to sound timber and a solid resin end can be formed which will be unaffected by dampness in the future. This method can also connect new sections of the same species of timber to the parent section by means of appropriate adhesive and rods. 


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