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The owner of this boathouse on the River Thames wanted to reconfigure the building, converting the ground floor into a bedroom despite the fact that it regularly flooded.

With the assistance of independent waterproofing consultant, Phil Hewitt, a water-control scheme was devised using two sump chambers to extract the water faster than it entered. It was put to the test within 12 months when the Thames flooded to a depth of over a metre against the property and proved to be completely successful. 

This case study has been used widely across the industry as an example of installations working under extreme conditions – this work was carried out in 2002 and is functioning effectively. Click here to read the article about this project published in The Property Care magazine.

A secondary concrete slab was cast to resist floatation, accommodating two sump chambers. We lined the walls with a meshed cavity drain membrane system, reinforced the floor/wall junction with Vandex BB75E, laid Basedrain in a pre-formed channel with Newton 520 over the floor area. 4 sump pumps were installed, each discharging at window cill height directly back into the Thames when in flood.


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