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In 2007 a major weather event led to severe flooding across the UK and over 3,000 homes in the Oxford area including the village of South Hinksey were inundated with flood water. Stonehouse literally waded in to offer specialist flood defence protection to 7 homes at a time of great personal stress. 

In 2014, seven years later, our systems were tested as a second serious flood overwhelmed the same area. We were delighted that each of our clients’ properties remained dry throughout this ordeal – we remained on 24hr call out for any support needed. 

We cannot think of a better way to describe the experience of major flooding, the impact on families and the reassurance of the flood protection we install than from the words of one of our home owners in South Hinksey. The following extract is taken from his presentation to an audience including the local MP and Minister of the Environment.



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