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Local knowledge is often invaluable. At times of very heavy rainfall, the Assendon Spring, an old water course from Stonor, runs through the Assendon Valley along the Fairmile to the river at Henley-on-Thames, flooding all basements along its course. This basement had a previously installed, very basic cavity drain membrane system with an inadequately sized sump chamber. This had been overwhelmed and Stonehouse was asked to re-design a robust and guaranteed method of keeping this property completely dry.

We removed the failed system and a new, engineered concrete slab was laid incorporating a Titan Pro sump chamber. Two high capacity pumps were installed, each with independent outlets ensuring maximum capacity should both activate simultaneously. Walls were rendered with Stonehouse Premix No.5, linked into the floor slab. Basedrain directs water quickly into the chamber and Newton 520 was laid to the floor. 

Stonehouse has protected numerous local basements which are now fully habitable for the first time with proven technology that residents can trust. No more soggy bottom floors for Henley.


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