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Knole House, owned by The National Trust dates back to 1440. Grade I Listed, it is among the five largest houses in England and is reputed to be a ‘calendar house’ – 52 staircases, 7 courtyards and 365 rooms.

The intention was to upgrade the original stone-built laundry room for new family living space. The area was partially underground and contained the original drying racks which needed to be retained.

External earth was removed from one elevation allowing the installation of a Newton Geodrain membrane with a land drain at the base discharging into a hopper to the garden below. A fully reversible Type C cavity drain membrane was applied internally to all walls, cutting back around feature stonework. Basedrain was laid to the floor draining into the entrance gulley.  Careful detailing by our operatives enabled the drying racks to be incorporated within the scheme.


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